Monday 4 May 2015

Sebastiano Mauri /

It seems to me that the fact that there is a debate over same-sex marriage is in itself discriminatory as the hypothesis is that some people have less rights than others or different rights. Why is homophobia an acceptable and an accepted phenomenon? A little like 'women are bad drivers' and 'why do gay people need to get married'?

I’m persuaded that the homophobic renewable energy source feeds mostly on the sense of discomfort caused by the idea of two people of the same sex in bed together. While when thinking about a couple made of a man and a woman, people tend to think about sharing a life’s journey, a journey made of common projects, affection, mortgages, popcorn at the cinema and the visits of the in-laws, when you think about same sex couples formed by either two men or two women, people tend to think about the positions of the Kamasutra. In the homophobes’ eyes, we are not fighting to see our relations, partners and families recognized but we fight for the right to bang each other. Behind all their arguments – that it is against nature, against God’s will, or the constitution, is – in my opinion – their inability to digest a sexuality that is different from theirs or stranger to their fantasies and desires.

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