Wednesday 12 May 2010

Gioielli Rosa e Palladio di Marina Aliverti Colucci e Mita Crosetti

25th May. 6 pm. Jewelry Presentation at Rolex, Via Montenapoleone, Milano.
I took seven photos of seven beautiful women wearing the jewelry.. come!

Billingsgate Fish Market, London

The Billingsgate Fish Market, in East London, between 5 and 7 am.

Heart Center for Cardiac Surgery, Djakovica.

My uncle is a doctor, he is part of the Fondation Jean et Frédéric Maurice. They go all over the world to teach specific surgeries in country where they don't exist.
I left with him on a mission to Djakovica, Kosovo, where we spent a week at the Heart Center for Cardiac Surgery.
Here are some pictures.


Driving around.
The first patient we found when we arrived.

People waiting at the public hospital in Djakovica.